Resolving Conflict in S&OP

The S&OP Tension Convention:
Two S&OP Pros Square Off on the Issue of Conflict within the Process (pdf file)

Article by Patrick Bower and Glen Fossella

Mr. Bower is Senior Director of Corporate Planning and Customer Service at Combe Incorporated, a producer of high-quality personal care products. Previously, he was practice manager for supply chain planning at a boutique supply chain-consulting firm where his clients included Diageo, Bayer, Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Foster Farms, Farley’s and Sather, Cabot Industries, and American Girl. On the industry side, he has worked for companies such as Cadbury, Kraft Foods, Unisys, and Snapple. He also worked for the supply chain software company Numetrix, and was vice president of R&D at Atrion International. He has been recognized as a “Pro to Know” by Supply and Demand Chain Executive magazine three times, and was the inaugural recipient the IBF’s Excellence in Business Planning and Forecasting Award in 2012.

Mr. Fossella is chief operating officer for CTS North America, a provider of automation technology to financial institutions and their customers. He is a frequent writer and speaker on the subject of branch operations and efficiency. He has a Sales and Marketing background in manufacturing and supply chain software, including MRP, DRP, ERP, finite scheduling, shop floor control, and import/export compliance systems. He has sold everything from dress shoes to nanofilm technology.

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