S&OP Process Coaching and Consulting Options

How much outside help do you feel you might need in implementing - or re-implementing - Sales & Operations Planning?

The answer varies widely from company to company.

I remember a conversation with Ollie Wight, who headed the organization with which my partner Bob Stahl and I were affiliated. He was talking about how much help various companies needed in implementing new processes, and said that some companies are so good that they could read a book on the subject and then successfully implement. Ollie said further that such companies are few and far between.

How much outside help do you feel you might need in implementing – or re-implementing – Sales & Operations Planning? Can you read a book and make it happen? Some companies can; most cannot.

So here's a range of possible answers to the question "How much outside help do you think you'll need to make S&OP - specifically its top mangement component Executive S&OP - work really well?" Your answer may be one of the following:

1. "None at all. However, we need to get the word out to all of our people who will be involved with the process, so they can learn what this Executive S&OP stuff is all about and their roles in it. We're not quite certain how best to do that."

Solution: the Education Kit for Sales & Operations Planning. This is a complete education and training resource to enable all of the company's key Executive S&OP players to learn what it is, what are the benefits, how it works, who's involved, and how to implement it successfully.

2. "Yes, that Kit should be helpful because we do need to train our people. However, we may need a bit more than that. We might need a bit of guidance about how to deal with certain issues. We'd like to have someone come in to help us get started and then to keep in touch - maybe by phone - during the implementation."

        Solution: We offer a service called Virtual Consulting. This involves one of us spending a few days on-site at the onset of implementation and then maintaining close contact during the life of the project.

3. "We're very busy and we have a complex business, with lots of difficult issues to be worked out. We need not only expert advice but also on-site project support during the life of the implementation."

Solution: The Oliver Wight organization is the very best major consulting group in the world when it comes to S&OP. They are extremely good, and they have substantial resources - deep, knowledgeable, experienced - to support implementations of varying degrees of complexity, practically anywhere in the world. We'll be happy to put you in touch with them.

There you have it: varying degrees of support for different needs. The above list of choices offers virtually any company a fine choice to fit its situation, and thereby to be successful with its implementation - or re-implementation - of Executive S&OP.

Please contact us if you would like more information about consulting and coaching options tailored to your situation.

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