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S&OP Workbook Sample ImageThe Effectiveness Checklists

(click to download Excel Workbook)

This download is in Microsoft Excel. You will be able to customize the text of the questions to your individual situation.

Companion worksheet to the book Sales & Operations Planning: The Self-Audit Workbook, which includes this checklist in hard copy. This download will provide you with an excellent scoring mechanism. However,we recommend that you use the book along with the download.It provides each participant with a place to record and keep extensive, individualized notes, a place to document assigned responsibilities and due dates; and advice on dealing with conflict that may arise from the various departments involved in the evaluation process. All of which are key to making the checklist process effective and meaningful.

List of Implementation Tasks

(click to download Excel Workbook)

Our intent here is to provide a task list of most of what needs to be done for a successful implementation of Executive S&OP. The list is intended to be entered into your project management software.

Please note: this is a generalized list and must be tailored to become the individual company's plan. As such, some tasks may not be necessary and can be dropped, while others may need to be added. Overall, this list follows the Implementation Path diagram that is discussed in Sales & Operations Planning: The How-To Handbook, 3rd edition  (page 72 and Appendix A, page 193)

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