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    How are you going to teach your people about S&OP?

    Our library of books and videos by Tom Wallace and Bob Stahl guide you through from the basics to the boardroom.  What S&OP is, how it works, how-to implement it, and how to make it better.  These materials are are written in a clear, easy to understand and to-the-point style. 
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    S&OP White Papers: 1. Change Management 2. Costs and Benefits

    Change Management: Implementing S&OP successfully is essentially a matter of change management, and the amount of change is significant. This white paper stresses that the most important element is not the processes, the data, nor the software but rather the mindset of the people. 


    Cost and Benefits: "How much does this S&OP stuff cost?" is a phrase heard more frequently these days. This white paper addresses that issue, first by discussing the benefits achieved by real-world companies and then by identifying the relevant costs involved in an implementation.

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    S&OP Concepts: Change Management & Costs and Benefits

    I remember a friend talking about how much help various companies need in inplementing new processess; he said some companies are so good that they could read a book on the subject and then successfully implement.  He said further that such companies are far and few between.

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    This is the most current update from a series of LinkedIn updates I'm doing  on the subject of WHAT DOES GREAT S&OP FEEL LIKE?

    Topics: teamwork, communication, the executives’ role in S&OP, S&OP’s role in strategic planning, the financial interface and more.

    What gives me the right to do this? Answer: I've seen sales and operation planning work superbly many, many times. One example, from the CEO of a consumer products company: “Tom, when I think back to last year,  before we had S&OP, I can’t imagine how we were able to run this business."

    5-4 Item #6: 18 MONTHS OR MORE FORWARD VISIBILITY, to best support the creation of next years’ Annual Plan. Work typically begins on that about 16 months prior to the end of next fiscal year.

    Thus 18-months covers all of next fiscal year. Demand and supply plans and others already exist, and they’ve been worked on every month. This makes the creation of next year’s Annual Plan easier, less hassle and more valid. 


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    Eight Elementary Errors about S&OP

    Myths Exposed and Realities Explained

    Over the years, I've seen so many companies get off on the wrong foot with S&OP,  because of misunderstandings of what this S&OP stuff is all about.  These erroneous views, if not corrected early, get in the way of successful implementation - and will probably make it fail.


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    Preview - The Education Kit for S&OP

    This Kit addresses the most important element in making Executive S&OP work: Your People - up to and including your executive team.
    The core of The S&OP Education Kit includes over 7 hours of video education by Tom Wallace (7 DVDS), three of the top selling books on S&OP (The How-To Handbook, The Executive's Guide, and the Self-Audit Workbook), and a Course Guide written by Tom. 

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